"Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, M.D., painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes has at various times to examine."

Monday, March 16, 2020

Death of a Scavenger (1980)

Another adventure of a Holmes pretender. Great cover art.

Elementary, My Dear Enclave! 
Dr. Hugo Enclave couldn't resist any case rated by the police as "unsolvable." That's why the Rockmore murder case appealed so strongly to his Sherlock Holmes instinct. With the aid of his resident "Dr. Watson," Enclave set out to unravel the tangled threads surrounding the death of one Harland Rockmore, who had met his end in the course of a scavenger hunt–threads that, once unwound, led Enclave through a torturous labyrinth of murder, mayhem and mystery to a conspiracy aimed at the White House itself!

Title: Death of a Scavenger
Author: Keith Spore
Year: 1980
Publisher: Belmont Tower
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XVIII: Whatever Remains Must Be the Truth (1899 -1925)

The 18th collection of Sherlock Holmes stories published by MX to help preserve the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of three new volumes released October 31, 2019.

Part XVIII: In 2015, The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories burst upon the scene, featuring adventures set within the correct time period, and written by many of today’s leading Sherlockian authors from around the world. Those first three volumes were overwhelmingly received, and there were soon calls for additional collections. Since then, their popularity has only continued to grow. And now we present a new three-volume set. Like 2017’s two-volumes set, Eliminate the Impossible, this new collection, Whatever Remains . . . Must Be the Truth features tales of Holmes’s encounters with seemingly impossible events – ghosts and hauntings, cults and curses, mythical beasts and mediums, angels and demons, and more. 
The forty-eight stories in these three companion volumes represent some of the finest new Holmesian storytelling to be found, and honor the man described by Watson as “the best and wisest . . . whom I have ever known.” 
All royalties from this collection are being donated by the writers for the benefit of the preservation of Undershaw, one of the former homes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Title: The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XVIII: Whatever Remains Must Be the Truth (1899 -1925)
Year: 2019
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon.com  | Amazon.co.uk

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