"Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, M.D., painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes has at various times to examine."

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

All-Consuming Fire (1994)

Sherlock Holmes meets the Doctor! Doctor who, you ask? Precisely. Author Andrew Lane would later go on to pen the Young Sherlock Holmes series.

"I've been all over the universe with you, Doctor, and Earth in the nineteenth century is the most alien place I've ever seen."

England, 1887. The secret library of St John the Beheaded has been robbed. The thief has taken forbidden books which tell of mythical beasts and gateways to other worlds. Only one team can be trusted to solve the crime: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

As their investigation leads them to the dark underside of Victorian London, Holmes and Watson soon realise that someone else is following the same trail. Someone who has the power to kill with a glance. And they sense a strange, inhuman shape observing them from the shadows. Then they meet the mysterious traveller known only as the Doctor—the last person alive to read the stolen books.

While Bernice waits in nineteenth-century India, Ace is trapped on a bizarre alien world. And the Doctor finds himself unwillingly united with England’s greatest consulting detective.

Title: All-Consuming Fire
Author: Andy Lane
Year: 1994
Publisher: Doctor Who Books/Virgin
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas (2015)

A collection of six Holmes stories set during the Christmas season. Riccard also produced a second volume of six more stories, Further Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

This third book by Roger Riccard brings forth a series of six short stories occurring during the Christmas seasons of Sherlock Holmes' career, with each title taking its name from the carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. 
The Seventh Swann
The Eighth Milkmaid
The Ninth Ladyship at the Dance
The Tenth Lord Leaping
The Eleven Pipe Problem
The Twelfth Drumming

Title: Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas
Author: Roger Riccard
Year: 2015
Publisher: Irregular Special Press
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Copycat Murders (2000)

Barry Day's third Sherlock Holmes pastiche has a movie-worthy premise.

London 1900 and Sherlock Holmes finds himself investigating a string of murders that have one common thread–each of them recalls one of his earlier cases. Has the great mind finally cracked–Watson wonders–and how is all this connected to Britain's latest secret weapon and the doings of the enigmatic Graf von Bork and the mysterious Society for Anglo-German Solidarity?

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Copycat Murders
Author: Barry Day
Year: 2000
Publisher: Oberon Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street (2017)

What if Sherlock Holmes was actually a master criminal? A clever reimagining of the Canon from a different point of view. Read a review at Sherlock Peoria.

What if Sherlock Holmes had turned to crime instead of detection? THE CRIMINAL MASTERMIND OF BAKER STREET by Rob Nunn investigates this very concept. Holmes famously said that "when a clever man turns his brains to crime it is the worst of all." A sinister influence is at work in Victorian London with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson running a hidden criminal empire. THE CRIMINAL MASTERMIND OF BAKER STREET explores all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories through the lens of Holmes as a criminal while adding many new exciting tales of Holmes' daring to delight its readers.

Title: The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street
Author: Rob Nunn
Year: 2017
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Desert Wind (2017)

The first in what promises to be a series of adventures by Janina Woods featuring Sherlock's brother Mycroft.

Dr. Watson receives a cursed note, summoning him to the city of Milan. In his plight, he turns to the one person who can help him: Mycroft Holmes, secret agent and eternally concerned elder brother. Mycroft has to team up with Dr. Watson and fellow agent Victoria Trevor to follow Sherlock’s trail and stand against the dark forces that threaten his life.

Title: Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Desert Wind
Author: Janina Woods
Year: 2017
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sherlock Holmes in Montague Street (2014)

A unique approach to creating Holmes pastiche by David Marcum. Published in three volumes. A collected edition was released in 2016.

In 1893, Dr. Watson and Conan Doyle published what they believed was the last Sherlock Holmes story, 'The Final Problem'. The world was stunned, and The Strand Magazine rushed to fill the vacuum. Readers were soon introduced to a new detective, Martin Hewitt, as presented by Arthur Morrison. Although initially different than Holmes, Hewitt also showed a number of interesting similarities as well . . . . 
For many years, Martin Hewitt has been mostly forgotten, except in some Sherlockian circles, where it has long been theorized that he was a young Mycroft Holmes. However, recent evidence has come to light that Hewitt's adventures were in fact cases undertaken by a young Sherlock Holmes when he lived in Montague Street, several years before he would take up his legendary rooms in Baker Street with Watson. 
These volumes are the Complete Martin Hewitt Stories, taking Arthur Morrison's original publications and presenting them as Sherlock Holmes adventures. If you are a fan of Holmes, enjoy! And by all means, seek out the original Hewitt stories and enjoy them as well. The Game is afoot!

Title: Sherlock Holmes in Montague Street
Author: Arthur Morrison, edited by David Marcum
Year: 2014
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Revenge of the Hound (1987)

This sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles was released in 1987 to celebrate the Centenary of Sherlock Holmes. The hardcover (pictured here) contains illustrations by Steranko.

The Revenge of the Hound is set in June 1902, only months after the publication of the most popular mystery of al time, The Hound of the Baskervilles. The coronation of Edward VII has been postponed for what at first seem to be mysterious reasons. Spy scares are rife across England. The working class is filled with unrest. The unthinkable, a British revolution, now seems possible. 
Amid it all, Dr. John H. Watson, esteemed chronicler of the adventures of the world's most famous consulting detective, is in love. He has become engaged to an American woman many years his junior, a decision which may affect his long-standing relationship with Sherlock Holmes. Holmes himself is on the verge of a major decision. Although he is not quite fifty years old, he sees the coming age as a time to retire. With the end of the Victorian era and the advent of forensic methods, his unique talent for deduction is being challenged by science and the growing conformity of the modern world. 
Yes before the decision can be made,three seemingly unrelated events occur. From Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard comes news of a baffling case, the sighting on Hampstead Heath of a creature frighteningly similar to that of the infamous Hound of the Baskervilles; from Holmes's brother, Mycroft, comes a mysterious summons; and from the deck of am English Channel ferry, Holmes and Watson witness firsthand the apparently motiveless murder of a ship's steward. 
Suddenly, the midnight oil is burning again at 221B Baker Street. Holmes's deductive mind is roused from self-indulgence to excitement. The die is cast. The game's afoot. As the coronation of Edward VII grows closer, Holmes and Waston realize that what might be the last case of their career together may indeed decide the very fate of England!

Title: The Revenge of the Hound
Author: Michael Hardwick
Year: 1987
Publisher: Villard Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (2013)

A new collection of somewhat eclectic Holmes stories by noted genre authors. Edited by George Mann.

A brand-new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories from a variety of exciting voices in modern horror and steampunk, including James Lovegrove, Justin Richards, Paul Magrs, Guy Adams and Mark Hodder. Edited by respected anthologist George Mann, and including a story by Mann himself. 
The Loss of Chapter Twenty-One by Mark Hodder
Holmes and the Indelicate Widow by Mags L Halliday
The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters by Cavan Scott
The Post-Modern Prometheus by Nick Kyme
Mrs Hudson at the Christmas Hotel by Paul Magrs
The Case of the Night Crawler by George Mann
The Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas
The Tragic Affair of the Martian Ambassador by Eric Brown
The Adventure of the Swaddled Railwayman by Richard Dinnick
The Pennyroyal Society by Kelly Hale
The Persian Slipper by Steve Lockley
The Property of a Thief by Mark Wright
Woman’s Work by David Barnett
The Fallen Financier by James Lovegrove

Title: Encounters of Sherlock Holmes
Author: George Mann
Year: 2013
Publisher: Titan Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017)

The game is still afoot as the daughter of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler (who else) carries on the family tradition. The first of a new series by Leonard Goldberg. Book 2, A Study in Treason, will be released in 2018.

1914. Joanna Blalock’s keen mind and incredible insight lead her to become a highly-skilled nurse, one of the few professions that allow her to use her finely-tuned brain. But when she and her ten-year-old son witness a man fall to his death, apparently by suicide, they are visited by the elderly Dr. John Watson and his charming, handsome son, Dr. John Watson Jr. Impressed by her forensic skills, they invite her to become the third member of their investigative team. 
Caught up in a Holmesian mystery that spans from hidden treasure to the Second Afghan War of 1878-1880, Joanna and her companions must devise an ingenious plan to catch a murderer in the act while dodging familiar culprits, Scotland Yard, and members of the British aristocracy. Unbeknownst to her, Joanna harbors a mystery of her own. The product of a one-time assignation between the now dead Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler, the only woman to ever outwit the famous detective, Joanna has unwittingly inherited her parents’ deductive genius.

Title: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes
Author: Leonard Goldberg
Year: 2017
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Alice in Wonderland Murders (1997)

Barry Day's follow-up to Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders sends Holmes and Watson through the Looking Glass.

1898. Holmes and Watson encounter American newspaper boss, John Moxton, whose yellow press, The Clarion, is beginning to threaten and undermine political stability in Victorian England. At the same time, public figures are humiliated and then murdered. But each incident has a parallel in Alice in Wonderland, and each time The Clarion is conveniently on hand. So what is Moxton's master plan and can Homes and Waston unravel it in time? And what is the strange bond that links the detective to a man he has never met... or has he?

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Alice in Wonderland Murders
Author: Barry Day
Year: 1997
Publisher: Oberon Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Papers of Solar Pons: New Adventures of the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street (2017)

An all-new authorized collection of Solar Pons stories by David Marcum.

In 1928, college student August Derleth wrote to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, asking if any more Sherlock Holmes adventures were going to be published. Upon receiving a negative reply, Derleth decided to provide some of his own. However, rather than relating more tales of Holmes and Dr. Watson, he ended up introducing the world to Solar Pons and Dr. Lydon Parker, living in London during the 1920's and 1930's. Pons solved crimes using deduction and ratiocination, often referring to Holmes as "The Master" or "My illustrious predecessor". Since his first appearance, Pons has been a favorite with Sherlockians.
Between the 1920's and the early 1970's, Derleth produced over seventy Pons short stories and novels. In the mid-1970's, the Derleth Estate authorized a number of new Pons narratives to be prepared for publication by Basil Copper. Since then, additional lost stories from Derleth's files were found, and Copper released various revised versions of his own works, but there have been no new Pons stories for years...until  now. 
The August Derleth Estate, Arkham Housie, and Belanger Books are pleased to present this authorized collection of twelve new Pons adventures by Sherlocian autor and editor David Marcum. Join Pons and Parker as they venture forth into the mysterious London fogs during that murky period between the two World Wars. Along the way, meet some old friends, and discover why Pons is called "The Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street." 
The Adventure of the Doctor’s Box
The Park Lane Solution
The Poe Problem
The Singular Affair of the Blue Girl
The Plight of the American Driver
The Adventure of the Blood Doctor
The Additional Heirs
The Horror of St. Anne’s Row The Adventure of the Failed Fellowship
The Adventure of the Obrisset Snuffbox
The Folio Matter
The Affair of the Distasteful Society  
The Adventure of the Other Brother

Title: The Papers of Solar Pons: New Adventures of the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street
Author: David Marcum
Year: 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography (2007)

Another fictional biography of the great detective, this one by Nick Rennison. Cover art is taken from an image of William Gillette.

He has been called a genius and a fraud, a hero and an addict. He advised kings in their glittering palaces, then disappeared into the darkest alleys of London’s criminal underworld. He was (and remains) a global icon, but who was this Sherlock Holmes? 
With an attention to detail that would make his subject envious, Nick Rennison gathers the clues of a life lived among the stars of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, from Oscar Wilde to Sigmund Freud, and uncovers startling, previously unknown information. How did a Cambridge drop-out and bit player on the London stage transform himself into a renowned “consulting detective”? Did he know the identity of “Jack the Ripper”? When did Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty first cross paths? To where did Sherlock Holmes disappear after his presumed “death” in 1891? 
Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography answers these questions and many more as it careens through the most infamous crimes and historic events of the era, all in pursuit of the real man behind the greatest detective in modern fiction—and, just perhaps, non-fiction.

Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography
Author: Nick Rennison
Year: 2007
Publisher: Grove Press
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs (2014)

The third Holmes pastiche by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead teams the great detective with a familiar escape artist.

...at Christie's becomes the talk of London, but Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are no longer in the business of solving crime. Holmes has retired to Sussex, to keep bees, and Watson, recently widowed, has returned to general practice. 
But when Watson, desperate for distraction, agrees to accompany his old friend to Vienna, to visit eminent neurologist, Sigmund Freud, it is not long before the pair are pulled back into the murky world of ruthless criminals bent on abduction, intimidation and murder. 
A shadowy terrorist group, The Black Hand, is plaguing the city, and when the tentacles of a crime committed in England reach across to Vienna to cil around Harry Houdini, the famous American escapologist, the Great Detective and his Boswell relish the chance of solving yet another puzzle.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs
Author: Steve Hayes and David Whitehead
Year: 2014
Publisher: Robert Hale, Ltd.
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts (2013)

Steve Hayes and David Whitehead's follow-up to their first Holmes pastiche Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds (2012). Nice cover art.

Following a prolonged cocaine binge, Sherlock Holmes is closer to death than Dr. Watson has ever seen him before. Fearing for his friend's wellbeing, he arranges for the the pair to repair to France, to enjoy a leisurely convalescence at the home of Holmes's old friend Henri Gillet. 
But even before they reach Paris they become embroiled in a perilous mystery of the like even they have never encountered before. Who, for example, is the strange man with the peculiar fascination for raindrops? And why does someone want one of France's most beloved novelists dead? 
Before the final explosive confrontation, Holmes and Watson must tangle with a cold and calculating brotherhood for which no crime is too ghastly, especially if it helps to further their own sinister ends.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts
Author: Steve Hayes & David Whitehead
Year: 2013
Publisher: Robert Hale, LTd.
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Friday, October 6, 2017

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part VIII: Eliminate the Impossible 1892-1905 (2017)

The latest collection of 48 new Holmes stories published by MX to help preserve the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. To be released concurrently with Part VII on October 31, 2017.

Part VIII - Eliminate the Impossible: 1892-1905 features contributions by: Deana Baran, Tim Symonds, Sandor Jay Sonnen, Ben Cardall, Andrew Lane, Michael Mallory, Wendy C. Fries, Aaron Smith, Arthur Hall, Robert Perret, Nick Cardillo, Paul D. Gilbert, Cindy Dye, Tracy Revels, Derrick Belanger, William Meikle, Marcia Wilson, David Friend, Roger Riccard, Craig Janacek, Jeremy Branton Holstein, Will Murray, David Ruffle, Daniel McGachey, and David Marcum, with a poem by Christopher James, and forewords by David Marcum, Lee Child, Rand Lee, Michael Cox, and Melissa Farnham.

Title: The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part VIII: Eliminate the Impossible 1892-1905
Author: David Marcum
Year: 2017
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon  (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part VII: Eliminate the Impossible 1880-1891 (2017)

Another new collection of 48 Holmes stories published to help preserve the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This will be released concurrently with Part VIII on October 31, 2017.

Part VII - Eliminate the Impossible: 1880-1891 features contributions by: Mark Mower, Jan Edwards, Daniel D. Victor, James Lovegrove, Gayle Lange Puhl, Thomas Fortenberry, Mike Hogan, Thomas A. Turley, Adrian Middleton, James Moffett, Hugh Ashton, Geri Schear, S. Subramanian, John Hall, Jayantika Ganguly, S.F. Bennett, Steven Philip Jones, Jim French, John Linwood Grant, Mike Chinn, Robert V. Stapleton, Charles Veley and Anna Elliott, and Shane Simmons, with a poem by Jacquelynn Bost Morris, and forewords by David Marcum, Lee Child, Rand Lee, Michael Cox, and Melissa Farnham.

Title: The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part VII: Eliminate the Impossible 1880-1891
Author: David Marcum
Year: 2017
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Samba for Sherlock (1998)

Sherlock Holmes heads to Rio de Janeiro in the 1998 novel originally published in Brazil.

Set in Rio de Janeiro in 1886, this internationally acclaimed literary thriller opens with the theft of a priceless Stradivarius violin that has been presented by Dom Pedro, emperor of Brazil, to his favorite mistress. At the same time a hideously inventive killer is prowling the boulevards and back alleys of Rio, leaving a violin string entangled in the intimate parts of his beautiful victims. Only one man possesses the genius, the valor, and the discretion that both cases demand: Sherlock Holmes. 
In this witty, charming, and highly original novel, the Brazilian author Jô Soares boldly reimagines Conan Doyle's legendary sleuth, introducing a very distracted and debauched Sherlock Holmes, one who trades cocaine for "Indian cigarettes" and falls head over heels for a sultry actress. Overflowing with suspense and historical erudition, A Samba for Sherlock is a novel that combines the authenticity of The Alienist with the exuberant fantasy of carnaval.

Title: A Samba for Sherlock
Author: Jô Soares
Year: 1998
Publisher: Vintage
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders (1997)

Holmes and Watson tackle a Shakespearian murder mystery. This was the first of a series of Holmes pastiches by Barry Day published as mass market originals by Oberon Books.

London 1889 and a matter of grave national importance. American impresario, Florenz Adler, has rebuilt Shakespeare's Globe playhouse. Then grand opening is to take place in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Amidst the excitement, the actors receive sinister warnings in the form of cryptic quotations from Shakespeare's plays and a drawing of a rose. A hoax? A literary joke? But not for long – the joke turns sour as the murders begin, each an exact copy of a death in a Shakespeare play. Even the Queen receives a warning, and so Sherlock Holmes is called in to fathom out the plot – assisted, of course, by Dr. Watson.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders
Author: Barry Day
Year: 1997
Publisher: Oberon Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Crucifer of Blood (1979)

Paul Giovanni's semi-original Sherlock Holmes play is based largely on Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four.

Unpack your deerstalker cap, your calabash pipe and your pocket magnifying glass––the great detective is back! It seems that, among the effects of the renowned Dr. John Watson, was found a memoir which begins: 
"The dreadful case of the blood crucifer occurred in London in 1887 and formed one of the most painful and alarming episodes in my long association with Mr. Sherlock Holmes. We were young, and most of our career lay before us. If some other hand be tempted to present it to the public in narrative form, it will, I hope, become apparent why I considered it best to leave unrendered, the heart of this appalling story. 
It begun, some thirty years before, in India, during the Great Mutiny of the Red Fort of Agra..." 
Thus, playwright Paul Giovanni has stepped into the illustrious shoes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and presented an ever-increasing audience of Holmesian admirers with a new spine-chiller. 
From The Red Fort's hundred gates to an opium den in London's Limshouse district, Holmes' astounding deductive powers unravel the mystery of a bloody curse. Nefarious actions and delicious thrills abound.

When The Crucifer of Blood played in Los Angeles in 1980-81, it featured Charlton Heston as the great detective. But check out who is second billed as Dr. Watson!

Title: The Crucifer of Blood
Author: Paul Giovanni
Year: 1979
Publisher: Nelson Doubleday
Purchase: Amazon.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes (1986)

A fictional biography of Sherlock Holmes by the prolific Sherlockian writer Michael Hardwick.

Sherlock Holmes settled back into his chair, filled his pip with tobacco, and, with a nightcap libation in hand, found his mind drifting over the career that had made him the most famous detective in the world. Although his old friend Dr. Watson believed that he has chronicled faithfully many of his cases, the time had come to set the record straight.... 
This fictional biography by a Holmesian expert and biographer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the first totally convincing account of the great detective's life. A vanished world is magnificently evoked as Holmes recounts a career that began with methodical self-training in criminal investigation, an apprenticeship with the famous Pinkerton Agency in Chicago, a fateful meeting with Dr. Watson in the laboratory of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and the move to Baker Street, which began their long partnership in adventure. Holmes also reveals the sensational details of what really append at his confrontation with his archenemy Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls and during the three "missing" years before he tuned up again in Dr. Watson's rooms in London. 
Ingeniously based on Sherlockian scholarship, this book demonstrates the author's uncanny abilities to use the immortal characters and their surroundings with an understanding that has been praised as making the book worthy of a place alongside the great originals.

Title: Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes
Author: Michael Hardwick
Year: 1986
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes (1994)

More untold tales from Watson's inexhaustible battered tin dispatch box. This is the first of several collections by June Thomson.

Out of the blue - in 1939, in rooms at All Saints College, Oxford - a certain Miss Adelina McWhirter paid a visit to another Dr. John Watson, leaving behind, after an exchange of money, a beat-up metal box full of old papers. But the volatile political circumstances of the day (the bombing of Britain, etc.) kept this second Watson, himself a Sherlockian scholar, from then publishing what he had fortuitously acquired. There are no such obstacles in the present day. And thanks to Aubrey B. Watson, heir to the precious cache, seven heretofore untold cases investigated by Sherlock Holmes with the assistance of the always estimable Watson can be laid before the expectant public.

Title: The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes
Author: June Thomson
Year: 1994
Publisher: Otto Penzler Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes (2017)

A collection of eight new Holmes mysteries that also tie together into one unified story.

It is a cold London morning in 1887, and the discovery of a dead man in an abandoned house plunges Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson into a series of eight trying cases that will test the friendship of the two companions and threaten the safety of the country itself. 
From a staged murder to an impossible suicide, the theft of a national document to the disappearance of an entire family, London's foremost consulting detective and his faithful companion must seek out the clues and venture into the very heart of each mystery. All the while a sinister force, lurking amid the busy streets of London, stalks their every case, testing their own mental and physical prowess; ultimately they require the assistance of their closest allies, including Mycroft Holmes and the unsophisticated Inspectors Gregson and Lestrade. 
Will Holmes and Watson be able to avert the approaching threat that appears to be vengefully heading straight for them?
The Hanging Man
The Wooden Diamond
The Noxious Intrder
The Kensinston Conundrum
The General's Dilemma
The Stalker's Pride
The Blind Prisoner
The Bloomsbury Scandal 

Title: The Trials of Sherlock Holmes
Author: James Moffett
Year: 2017
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini (2015)

Dynamite Comics teams Holmes and Houdini in this graphic novel by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery with artwork by Carlos Furuzono.
When the world's most famous detective meets the world's most famous magician… death is the case! 
Escape artist Harry Houdini’s London tour comes under attack from a mysterious figure that controls the powers of spirits. The goal? To destroy Houdini’s career and kill anyone who gets in the way. Houdini reluctantly teams with sleuth Sherlock Holmes, who is locked in a fight of his own. Can the two rise above their own battles to overcome a seemingly impossible force? 
Written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, the Harvey Award-nominated creators of Kill Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini is a witty adventure full of magic, spirits, technology and deduction. 
It’s a mystery you won’t be able to escape.

Title: Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini
Author: Anthony Del Col & Conor McCreery
Year: 2015
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Purchase: Amazon.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Whole Art of Detection (2017)

A new collection of Holmes stories by Lyndsay Faye, author of Dust and Shadow.

Lyndsay Faye’s best Holmes tales, including two new works, are brought together in The Whole Art of Detection, a stunning collection that spans Holmes’s career, from self-taught young upstart to publicly lauded detective, both before and after his faked death over a Swiss waterfall in 1894. 
In “The Lowther Park Mystery,” the unsociable Holmes is forced to attend a garden party at the request of his politician brother and improvises a bit of theater to foil a conspiracy against the government. “The Adventure of the Thames Tunnel” brings Holmes’s attention to the baffling murder of a jewel thief in the middle of an underground railway passage. 
With Holmes and Watson encountering all manner of ungrateful relatives, phony psychologists, wronged wives, plaid-garbed villains, and even a peculiar species of deadly red leech, The Whole Art of Detection is a must-read for Sherlockians and any fan of historical crime fiction with a modern sensibility.
The Case of Colonel Warburton's Madness
The Adventure of the Magical Menagerie
The Adventure of the Vintner's Codex

The Adventure of the Honest Wife
The Adventure of the Beggar's Feast
Memoranda upon the Gaskell Blackmailing Dilemma
The Lowther Park Mystery

An Empty House
The Adventure of the Memento Mori
Notes Regarding the Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore
The Adventure of the Willow Basket

The Adventure of the Lightless Maiden
The Adventure of the Thamas Tunnel
The Adventure of the Mad Baritone
Notes upon the Diadem Club Affair 

Title: The Whole Art of Detection
Author: Lyndsay Faye
Year: 2017
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Case of the Philosophers' Ring (1978)

A case involving real-life philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein "unearthed" by Randall Collins.

It is the summer before the outbreak of World War I. Holmes, at his Baker Street flat, receives a telegram from the brilliant young philosopher, Bertrand Russell, begging him to come to Cambridge to investigate the theft of a uniquely precious treasure - the mind of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Title: The Case of the Philosophers' Ring
Author: Randall Collins
Year: 1978
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Detective Comics #572 (1987)

Detective Comics 50th Anniversary issue featured Batman meeting up with the original caped crusader.

Extra-sized Anniversary issue! A mystery brings together the greatest sleuths of our time: Batman and Robin, Elongated-Man, Bradley P.I., and the greatest sleuth of all time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

Title: Detective Comics #572
Author: Mike W. Barr
Year: 1987
Publisher: DC Comics
Purchase: Amazon

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde (1988)

This pastiche by Russell Brown finds Sherlock Holmes and Oscar Wilde teaming up to solve a mystery in 1895. Wilde also appeared in Nicholas Meyer's The West End Horror.

It's 1895 and deadly games are afoot in London. Against a backdrop of terrorist dynamitings, a humbled Holmes reluctantly accepts the aid of Oscar Wilde to unravel two tangled plots: the blackmail of an eminent Victorian with a name known all over the world, and the diabolical design of a demented nobleman to inflict 'Death! Or Worse!' upon Holmes himself. 
Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde mingles melodrama and epigram, fact and fiction, as two men with so many differences in common pursue a hellish hound whose actions menace all of England.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde
Author: Russell A. Brown
Year: 1988
Publisher: St Martins Press
Purchase: Amazon.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter (2017)

A fresh take on mixing Sherlock Holmes and classic monsters, favorably reviewed by the respected blog Sherlock Peoria. Likely the first of a series.

Based on some of literature's horror and science fiction classics, this is the story of a remarkable group of women who come together to solve the mystery of a series of gruesome murders and the bigger mystery of their own origins. 
Mary Jekyll, alone and penniless following her parents' death, is curious about the secrets of her father's mysterious past. One clue in particular hints that Edward Hyde, her father's former friend and a murderer, may be nearby and there is a reward for information leading to his capture...a reward that would solve all of her immediate financial woes. 
But her hunt leads her to Hyde's daughter, Diana, a feral child left to be raised by nuns. With the assistance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Mary continues her search for the elusive Hyde and soon befriends more women, all of whom have been created through terrifying experimentation: Beatrice Rappaccini, Catherin Moreau, and Justine Frankenstein. 
When their investigations lead them to the discovery of a secret society of immoral and power-crazed scientists, the horrors of their past return. Now it is up to the monsters to finally triumph over the monstrous.

Title: The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter
Author: Theodora Goss
Year: 2017
Publisher: Saga Press
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK).

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Adventure of the Stalwart Companions (1978)

Holmes joins forces with future U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt in a New York set adventure. Bully! This is the first U.S. hardcover edition.

In this story, written by future President Theodore Roosevelt long before The Great Detective’s first encounter with Dr Watson, Holmes visits America to solve a most violent and despicable crime. A crime that was to prove the most taxing of his brilliant career... 
Recently discovered in the basement of the New York Police Department, The Stalwart Companions is one of Holmes’ most exciting and unusual chronicles.

Title: The Adventure of the Stalwart Companions
Author: H. Paul Jeffers
Year: 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row
Purchase: Amazon.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dust and Shadow (2009)

Another Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper adventure, this one from Sherlockian and Ripperologist Lyndsay Faye.

From the gritty streets of nineteenth century London, the loyal and courageous Dr. Watson offers a tale unearthed after generations of lore: the harrowing story of Sherlock Holmes’s attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper. 
As England’s greatest specialist in criminal detection, Sherlock Holmes is unwavering in his quest to capture the killer responsible for terrifying London’s East End. He hires an “unfortunate” known as Mary Ann Monk, the friend of a fellow streetwalker who was one of the Ripper’s earliest victims; and he relies heavily on the steadfast and devoted Dr. John H. Watson. When Holmes himself is wounded in Whitechapel during an attempt to catch the savage monster, the popular press launches an investigation of its own, questioning the great detective’s role in the very crimes he is so fervently struggling to prevent. Stripped of his credibility, Holmes is left with no choice but to break every rule in the desperate race to find the madman known as “the Knife” before it is too late. 

Title: Dust and Shadow
Author: Lyndsay Faye
Year: 2009
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Purchase: Amazon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Study in Ashes (2013)

Concluding book in "The Baskerville Affair" featuring Evelina Cooper, niece of Sherlock Holmes.

As part of her devil’s bargain with the industrial steam barons, Evelina Cooper is finally enrolled in the Ladies’ College of London. However, she’s attending as the Gold King’s pet magician, handcuffed and forbidden contact with even her closest relation, the detective Sherlock Holmes.
But Evelina’s problems are only part of a larger war. The Baskerville affair is finally coming to light, and the rebels are making their move to wrest power from the barons and restore it to Queen Victoria. Missing heirs and nightmare hounds are the order of the day—or at least that’s what Dr. Watson is telling the press.
But their plans are doomed unless Evelina escapes to unite her magic with the rebels’ machines—and even then her powers aren’t what they used to be. A sorcerer has awakened a dark hunger in Evelina’s soul, and only he can keep her from endangering them all. The only problem is . . . he’s dead.

Title: A Study in Ashes
Author: Emma Jane Holloway
Year: 2013
Publisher: Del Rey
Purchase: Amazon.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Study in Darkness (2013)

Second book in "The Baskerville Affair" featuring Evelina Cooper, niece of Sherlock Holmes.

When a bomb goes off at 221B Baker Street, Evelina Cooper is thrown into her uncle Sherlock’s world of mystery and murder. But just when she thought it was safe to return to the ballroom, old, new, and even dead enemies are clamoring for a place on her dance card.
Before Evelina’s even unpacked her gowns for a country house party, an indiscretion puts her in the power of the ruthless Gold King, who recruits her as his spy. He knows her disreputable past and exiles her to the rank alleyways of Whitechapel with orders to unmask his foe.
As danger mounts, Evelina struggles between hiding her illegal magic and succumbing to the darker aspects of her power. One path keeps her secure; the other keeps her alive. For rebellion is brewing, a sorcerer wants her soul, and no one can protect her in the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper.

Title: A Study in Darkness
Author: Emma Jane Holloway
Year: 2013
Publisher: Del Rey
Purchase: Amazon.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Study in Silks (2013)

The niece of Sherlock Holmes continues the family business. This is book 1 in "The Baskerville Affair" series.

Evelina Cooper, the niece of the great Sherlock Holmes, is poised to enjoy her first Season in London Society. But there’s a murderer to deal with—not to mention missing automatons, a sorcerer, and a talking mouse. 
In a Victorian era ruled by a council of ruthless steam barons, mechanical power is the real monarch and sorcery the demon enemy of the Empire. Nevertheless, the most coveted weapon is magic that can run machines—something Evelina has secretly mastered. But rather than making her fortune, her special talents could mean death or an eternity as a guest of Her Majesty’s secret laboratories. What’s a polite young lady to do but mind her manners and pray she’s never found out? 
But then there’s that murder. As Sherlock Holmes’s niece, Evelina should be able to find the answers, but she has a lot to learn. And the first decision she has to make is whether to trust the handsome, clever rake who makes her breath come faster, or the dashing trick rider who would dare anything for her if she would only just ask.

Title: A Study in Silks
Author: Emma Jane Holloway
Year: 2013
Publisher: Del Rey
Purchase: Amazon.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sherlock Holmes in America (2009)

For the 4th of July, here's a collection of short stories featuring the great detective in American-themed adventures. Co-edited by Martin H. Greenberg who also did the 1987 centennial collection, The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes makes his American debut in this extraordinary new collection of never-before-published crime stories by bestselling mystery writers. The world’s greatest fictional detective and his famous sidekick Dr. Watson are on their first trip across the Atlantic as they solve crimes all over nineteenth-century America—from the bustling neighborhoods of New York, Boston, and D.C. to fog-shrouded San Francisco. The world’s best-loved British sleuth faces some of the most cunning criminals America has to offer and meets some of America’s most famous figures along the way. This exciting new anthology features over a dozen original short stories by award-winning and prominent writers, each in the extraordinary tradition of Conan Doyle, and each with a unique American twist that is sure to satisfy and exhilarate any Holmes fan.

The Case of Colonel Warburton's Madness by Lyndsay Faye
Ghosts and the Machine by Lloyd Rose
Excerpts from an Unpublished Memoir Found in the Basement of the Home for Retired Actors by Steve Hockensmith
The Flowers of Utah by Robert Pohle
The Adventure of the Coughing Dentist by Loren D. Estleman
The Minister's Missing Daughter by Victoria Thompson
The Case of Colonel Crockett's Violin by Gillian Linscott
The Adventure of the White City by Bill Crider
Recalled to Life by Paula Cohen
The Seven Walnuts by Daniel Stashower
The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarters by Jon L. Breen
The Song at Twilight by Micheal Breathnach

Title: Sherlock Holmes in America
Editors: Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower
Year: 2009
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Purchase: Amazon.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Eye of the Crow (2011)

Shane Peacock's first novel in his "The Boy Sherlock Holmes" series. The impressive cover art below is from an international edition.

His 1st Case
Sherlock Holmes, just 13, is a misfit. Friendless, bullied at school, he belongs nowhere and has only his wits. But what wits they are! His keen powers of observation are already apparent, though he is still a boy. He loves to amuse himself by constructing histories from the smallest detail for everyone he meets. Partly for fun, he focuses his attention on a sensational murder to see if he can solve it. But his game turns deadly serious when he finds himself the accused - and in London, they hang boys of 13.

Title: Eye of the Crow
Author: Shane Peacock
Year: 2011
Publisher: Belmont Tower Books
Purchase: Amazon

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes (1979)

Sherlock Holmes investigates one of the most fiendish cases in all fiction -- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is the first edition hardcover. It was also released in paperback.

Sn 1886 Robert Louis Stevenson published his chilling tale, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; for a century it has intrigued millions off readers. But only recently a manuscript has materialized that reveals for the first time that the details of Stevenson's classic were purposely incomplete: that his "story" was based on fact–and that the world's most celebrated detective, Sherlock Holmes, was involved in the case. 
Here is Dr. Watson's chronicle relating the blackest mystery in Holmes's career. . . . The murder of a Member of Parliament has baffled Scotland Yard for months. Mycroft Holmes arrives at his brother's quarters in Baker Street with an urgent plea from the Queen: Holmes must take over the investigation. As Holmes and Watson stalk a diabolical foe through the nether regions of London, they uncover horrors that threaten to destroy forever the very codes that hold together Victorian society.

So terrifying were the implications of the Jekyll-Hyde case that it could only be recounted as fiction. Here finally is the entire first-hand account of this heinous crime as recorded by Dr. Watson. And an explanation of the circumstances that demanded that Holmes's involvement in the matter be kept secret. Until now.

Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes
Author: Loren D. Estleman
Year: 1979
Publisher: Doubleday
Purchase: Amazon.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (1989)

A collection of unconventional Holmes stories and parodies by notable authors. There's even one by John Lennon.

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes gathers together the best of the hilarious mishaps that have befallen the greatest detective of them all--the tales that Watson couldn't or wouldn't tell, for reason of discretion or just plain incredulity. This hugely entertaining volume--essential reading for Sherlockians and a feast of amusement for everyone else--is a collection of parodies, burlesques, pastiches and "unofficial" adventures.

Title: The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes
Author: Sebastian Wolfe (editor)
Year: 1989
Publisher: Xanadu Publications
Purchase: Amazon.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sherlock Holmes (1975)

First published in 1962, this is the 1975 UK Panther paperback edition of William S. Baring-Gould's fictional biography of Sherlock Holmes with magnificent cover art by Richard Clifton-Dey. In the U.S. the book was released as Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes has become a legend, his very name synonymous with brilliant crime detection. Here is the first comprehensive biography of the man, written with scrupulous accuracy, thoroughness and a warm, infectious enthusiasm. Tracing Holmes's career, W.S. Baring-Gould has revealed many hitherto unknown facts: his parentage and early life, his somewhat erratic years at Oxford, Cambridge ad Bart's, as well as an interlude on the stage on Britain and America. Holmes little-known relationships with other celebrities of the time – including King Edward VII, Karl Marx, Lewis Carroll and Bernard Shaw – are put in the perspective of his mysterious 'missing years.' For those long acquainted with Holmes's superb feats of detection and newcomers to the classic accounts of his exploits alike, Sherlock Holmes provides fascinating and unputdownable reading.

Title: Sherlock Holmes
Author: W. S. Baring-Gould
Year: 1975
Publisher: Panther
Purchase: Amazon.co.uk.

Monday, June 5, 2017

LINK: The Adventure of the Canonical Wonder Woman

As far as I know, there has yet to be a pastiche in which Sherlock Holmes meets Wonder Woman. But now the good folks at Sherlock Peoria speculate that the great detective may have already met the Amazon in the original canon itself!

 . . . Violet de Merville, young, rich, beautiful, accomplished, a wonder-woman in every way. 

This is clever theory, so click the headline to have a read at Sherlock Peoria.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Adventures of Creighton Holmes (1979)

A collection of short stories featuring the exploits of Sherlock Holmes's grandson. I love how the cover promises "An even greater kick than The Seven-Per-Cent Solution."

Recently discovered papers have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the great detective Shrlock Holmes has a son. And later, a grandson.
The grandson's names was Creighton. From boyhood on, it was Creighton Holmes's ambition to follow in the hallowed footsteps of his illustrious forebear. 
How brilliantly he succeeded, and what baffling mysteries and stunning solutions filled his casebook, now at last are reveled in adventures that take us back to Baker Street and the eternal war against masters of crime and monsters of evil. 
The Mysterious Death at Wetherby Manor
The Case of the Scientific Recluse
The Strange Death of Matthew Tidmore
The Kohinoor Gem Shop Burglary
The Incriminating Glove
The Murder of the Enigmatic Husband
The Case of the Bewildering Alibi

Title: The Adventures of Creighton Holmes
Author: Ned Hubbell
Year: 1979
Publisher: Popular Library
Purchase: Amazon.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Scarlet in Gaslight (1989)

Collected edition of Martin Powell's 4-part comic book mini series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dracula.

Professor Moriarty has coerced Dracula into plunging London into terror. Holmes, with the assistance of Professor van Helsing, and his own Dr. Watson must turn to the famed actress Sarah Bernhardt to uncover the clues that will bring this supernatural case to a close.

Author Martin Powell was recently interviewed on The Baker Street Babes Podcast #80.

Title: Scarlet in Gaslight
Author: Martin Powell
Year: 1989
Publisher: Malibu Graphics
Purchase: Amazon

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)

Sad news today that Sir Roger Moore has passed away at 89. Roger played Sherlock Holmes in the 1976 made for television movie Sherlock Holmes in New York co-starring Patrick MacNee as Watson, John Huston as Moriarty and Charlotte Rampling as Irene Adler. This is the novelization by D.R. Benson.

With this hasty entreaty the world's most dauntless detective is off on adventure once again. Here in the sin capital of the New World–where his beloved Irene Adler faces a nameless peril, where his evil nemesis Professor Moriarty plans "The Crime of the Century," where danger waits in countless shadows, HOLMES MEETS HIS GREATEST CHALLENGE!"

Title: Sherlock Holmes in New York
Author: D. R. Bensen
Year: 1976
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Purchase: Amazon.com.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Prisoner of the Devil (1990)

First published in 1979, this is a 1990 paperback reprint of Michael Hardwick's first Holmes pastiche. Hardwick also wrote the centennial Holmes novel The Revenge of the Hound and the novelization of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

....leaves his Baker Street apartments to meet with Queen Victoria
....steals on to–and off, again–the infamous French prison of Devil's Island
...and attends a seance to gather more information!
For a reason known only to Her Majesty–and Holmes's brother Mycroft–the truth behind the trial and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus is of utmost importance to the Crown. Holmes had already turned down the family's pleas to investigate the Dreyfus Affair, a decision strongly supported by Doctor John Watson. But it did not take much of the great detective's world-famous powers of deduction to realize that the matter was more important than he had been led to believe. From what Her Highness had related to him, it was clear that what Dreyfus did–or did not–do would have an impact all over Europe. And just as clearly, Sherlock Holmes was the only man who could uncover the truth in time!

Title: Prisoner of the Devil
Author: Michael Hardwick
Year: 1990 (first published 1979)
Publisher: Pinnacle
Purchase: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

Sherlock Holmes and The Bizarre Alibi (2004)

Frank Thomas was the author of some 10 Holmes novels, starting with Sherlock Holmes and the Golden Bird in 1979. His later books were self-published, including this 2004 release.

With only the light of Slim's bull's-eye, it was rough going and soon my hands were bleeding and my legs protesting . But an untapped source of strength came to my aid. Here I was struggling towards unknown dangers, but i was living, i was part of an adventure. I was in the midst of an experience that my sedate fellow doctors in their well-appointed offices on Harley could only find in flights of fantasy. I was actually part of the stuff tha dreams are made of and, somewhat to my suprise, i found it exhilarating. Because of my association with the greatest detective the world has ever known, I was part of an heroic saga, a small part I will admit. Not that I felt heroic. I felt like a middle-aged commonplace man involved in exploits he was ill-suited for. But I was here with Holmes and I would not have had it any other way.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and The Bizarre Alibi
Author: Frank Thomas
Year: 2004
Publisher: Xlibras
Purchase: Amazon

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Adventure at Ferryman's Creek (1984)

Novelization for the never produced second Granada mini series about the young Sherlock Holmes. Click for the first adventure: The Mystery of the Manor House.

On the morning of his eighteenth birthday Sherlock Holmes receives a brief and mysterious letter from his brother Mycroft, suggesting a short holiday on the Lincolnshire coast and hinting at the possibility of adventure there . . . The young detective is soon embroiled in a tangle of sinister occurrences which it takes all his wit and ingenuity to unravel.
Who is the mysterious Martin Ashley and why does he always wear a glove on his left hand? Are Ashley's disappearance and the chain of near-disasters which follow it connected? Can it be that the ancient legend of the Thoresby-le-Marsh is coming fatally true once more?
This is the second exciting Young Sherlock novel by Gerald Frow. 

Title: Young Sherlock: The Adventure at Ferryman's Creek
Author: Gerald Frow
Year: 1984
Publisher: Dragon
Purchase: Amazon.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Riddle of Foxwood Grange (2016)

Acclaimed for his traditional approach (no literary mash-ups, aliens or vampires here), this is Denis O. Smith's first novel length Holmes pastiche.

An invitation to take lunch at the Great Western Hotel at Paddington station leads Sherlock Holmes into a baffling mystery. Who is it that is watching every move made by popular journalist, Farringdon Blake, and why? When the trail goes cold in London, Holmes and his friend, Dr Watson, must travel down to Foxwood Grange, Blake's home in rural Oxfordshire, to seek a solution to the mystery there. But Foxwood Grange, a 300-year-old Elizabethan mansion, is a house with a chequered past and holds mysteries of its own. 
In this superb evocation of both the spirit and the style of Conan Doyle's earlier Sherlock Holmes stories, Denis O. Smith, acclaimed author of numerous Sherlock Holmes short story collections, here presents the great detective on a larger stage, in a gripping mystery which builds remorselessly to a thrilling and dramatic climax.

Title: The Riddle of Foxwood Grange
Author: Denis O. Smith
Year: 2016
Publisher: MX Publishing
Purchase: Amazon.

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