Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Return of the Pharaoh (2021)

An all-new Sherlock Holmes pastiche from the pen of the great Nicholas Meyer will be released on November 9, 2021. This time Holmes and Watson meet Howard Carter in Egypt. This will be Meyer's fifth Holmes novel following: The Sever-Per-Cent Solution, The West End Horror, The Canary Trainer, and The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols

In Nicholas Meyer's The Return of the Pharaoh, Sherlock Holmes returns in an adventure that takes him to Egypt in search of a missing nobleman, a previously undiscovered pharaoh's tomb, and a conspiracy that threatens his very life.  
With his international bestseller, The Seven Per Cent Solution, Nicholas Meyer brought to light a previously unpublished case of Sherlock Holmes that reinvigorated the world's interest in the first consulting detective. Now, many years later, Meyer is given exclusive access to Dr. Watson's unpublished journal, wherein he details a previously unknown case. 
In 1910, Dr. John Watson travels to Egypt with his wife Juliet. Her tuberculosis has returned and her doctor recommends a stay at a sanitarium in a dry climate. But while his wife undergoes treatment, Dr. Watson bumps into an old friend--Sherlock Holmes, in disguise and on a case. An English Duke with a penchant for egyptology has disappeared, leading to enquiries from his wife and the Home Office. 
Holmes has discovered that the missing duke has indeed vanished from his lavish rooms in Cairo and that he was on the trail of a previous undiscovered and unopened tomb. And that he's only the latest Egyptologist to die or disappear under odd circumstances. With the help of Howard Carter, Holmes and Watson are on the trail of something much bigger, more important, and more sinister than an errant lord.

Title: The Return of the Pharaoh
Author: Nicholas Meyer
Year: 2021
Publisher: Minotaur Books

Friday, October 8, 2021

Holmes meets 007 (1967)

With the release today of a new James Bond film, No Time To Die, I thought I'd share this rare Holmes-Bond crossover pastiche by Donald Stanley. This is #134 of 222 from my own collection.

In this, Vintage No. 3 of Beaune Pressings, we vary our policy of reprinting Sherlockian Incunabula to present a recent parody the ephemeral nature of which greatly limited its availability. It is sent, with Compliments Of The Season to the friends of Dean & Shirley Dickensheet and of Vamberry's, Ltd.

Title: Holmes meets 007
Author: Donald Stanley
Year: 1967
Publisher: The Beaune Press

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