"Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, M.D., painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes has at various times to examine."

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man (1985)

Paperback edition of Daniel Stahower's 1985 novel that teams Sherlock Holmes with Harry Houdini. Stashower would go on to pen a series of "Harry Houdini Mysteries" in the early 2000s. Cover art below is by Neil Stuart (design) and Doug Henry (illustration). You can see the hardcover HERE.

When Harry Houdini is framed and jailed for espionage and Sherlock Holmes vows to clear his name, the two join forces to confound the crooks who are out to blackmail the Prince of Wales. It's a case that requires all their special skills––and then some. As Houdini reduces his body to ectoplasm, Holmes deduces how he does it. And when Houdini makes a daring exit from Scotland Yard, Watson becomes the only person ever to actually see him escape from a prison cell. The magical entertainment, glittering with suspense, comedy, and romance, is a must for Sherlock Holmes fans of lovers of adventure and mystery in grand style.

Title: The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man
Author: Daniel Stashower
Year: 1985
Publisher: Penguin
Purchase: Amazon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Sabina Hall (1989)

L.B. Greenwood's follow-up to her 1986 novel Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Raleigh Legacy. Beautiful cover art by Kazu Sano.

At the behest of a university acquaintance, Sherlock Holmes joins Dr. Watson on a mission of mercy to the bleak Bristol coast. But Holmes is not motivated by altruism, and when they reach Sabina Hall, his suspicions are justified. Miserly old Silas Andrews, who was to be Watson's patient, lies dead––and a peculiar smell on his medicine spoon means only one thing to Holmes: poison!

The drafty, dilapidated Hall teams with suspects: Bertha Garth, Sila's coldhearted sister-in-law, all too gleeful over her large inheritance; servants Joel and Belle Harper, who expect––and do not receive––a legacy; cheeky housemaid Sally Kipp, mysteriously far from her Cockney homes; nasty village handyman Neb, bitter over conditions at Silas's now-derelict coal mine; and Aunt Garth's put-upon companion, Agnes, whose sweetness leaves Watson, at least, sure of her innocence...

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Sabina Hall
Author: L.B. Greenwood
Year: 1989 (first published 1988)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Purchase: Amazon (U.S.) | Amazon (UK)

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