About Me

I have no business starting a blog about Sherlock Holmes. My true passion is Harry Houdini, and I run a blog devoted to the escape king called WILD ABOUT HARRY. But I do love the man from Baker Street, and I was a Sherlockian even before I discovered the magic of Houdini.

My first experience of Holmes on the page was not the Canon. In fact, I came to Conan Doyle late. The first Holmes book I ever read was Nicholas Meyer's 1974 novel The Seven Per-Cent-Solution (read: The case of the non-canonical seduction). Therefore, I've always had a thing for pastiche novels, especially those that found Holmes crossing paths with the likes of Jack The Ripper, Dracula, and, yes, even Houdini.

So I thought I'd start up this niche blog in which I share select pastiche adventures that I own or otherwise capture my attention -- "cases for which the world was not yet prepared."

Hope you enjoy.


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