"Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, M.D., painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes has at various times to examine."

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story (1979)

A Holmes-Ripper pastiche with the most shocking solution of them all! First published in hardcover in 1978. This is the first Ballantine paperback.

LONDON 1888: 
Three female paupers of dubious morals are gruesomely murdered. Their corpses are horribly mutilated. Instantly, London is thrust into a state of terror. A monstrous ghoul is prowling the night, untouchable by Scotland Yard. 
Baffled and desperate, the yard turns to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes challenges this diabolical adversary in the most extraordinary case of his career.

Title: The Last Sherlock Holmes Story
Author: Michael Dibdin
Year: 1979
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Purchase: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

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